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Why Join the Digital Skills Authority?

Digital Skills Authority is at the forefront of technological advancement, discovering and working with the latest technologies, as well as developing individuals for both current and future employment using cutting-edge digital skills and certifications.  As an educational institution we pride ourselves on offering staff ongoing skills and career development. Our organisation which is founded on principles of 'Compassionate Leadership', and reward for supporting our 'Collaboration, Innovation and Competence' culture, encourages creative thinking and ideas sharing.


Digital Skills Authority's expanding group companies are located in the UK & USA. Our head office is located in Windsor, United Kingdom, with a European hub planned in France and elsewhere internationally, with regional leadership. In the US we are located in Delaware with offices and hubs planned in New York and  San Francisco. We currently employ staff in a mix of virtual (home location) and flexible office based positions. and we are navigating Coronavirus successfully to deliver our services entirely remotely and digitally.

Current Opportunities - Internationally

We are planning a more developed careers section in 2022. We recruit via Linkedin, Reed and Indeed. Our live job postings will be listed here, and are linked to our recruiter profile on Reed.

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​Equal Opportunities & Diversity

Digital Skills is an equal opportunities employer which prides itself on recruiting a broad collective of individuals from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and race. All roles are awarded on merit.  

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