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Project: 360

Our founder has been incubating a 360 concept for 15-years, that blends innovation and lessons learned during past ventures. Ethics, humanity and positive change are the heart of the project, alongside commercial viability, sustainability, information and entertainment.  We are delighted that the concept which is a large scale project, has moved to a phase of planning, budgeting and financial forecasting.  We expect to announce early news of our secret venture end 2025

Enriched View
Project: Enriched View


A privately funded research and innovation project, 'Enriched View' promises to relieve some vital informational challenges caused by sight, helping to protect consumers, addressing health and safety issues.  The project aims to complete with announcements end 2025

Woman in modern VR glasses interacting with network while having virtual reality experienc
Project: Toward Utopia

A collaboration between Portman Collier and Future Knowledge, Toward Utopia is media format and platform.  It is a journey of discovery, exploring future innovations and advancements that will shape our universe.  

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Toward Utopia
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