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Three-Pillared Model for Sustainability

In 2016, when our founder decided to launch a dedicated company for 'The Certificate in Online Business Series' operating since 2008 and to expand with a newer series, she decided to build a Digital Skills Awarding Body developing practical educational programs that delivered real-world impact alongside industry-recognised credentials. The company then called The Certificate in Online Business, traded with the strapline 'Industry's Digital Skills Authority', until we were allowed to formally change the name in 2020. It is this combination that forms the Three-Pillared Model for Sustainability.

Our founder Deborah Collier describes what the Three-Pillared Model for Sustainability is and it's impact:

A key focus of my eclectic work over the last 20+ years has included developing strategy, advising, training and leading on digital business and marketing insight, frameworks and methodologies. The planning methodologies, frameworks, strategies and content have delivered measurable impact for international blue-chip companies, SMES, governments and other organisations around the globe, as well as economies.

They have:

  • supported economic empowerment and social mobility

  • helped leverage, build and regulate digital economies

  • equipped entrepreneurs to support their livelihoods, grow and start businesses

  • aided and facilitated digital transformation pre and during the pandemic in government and non-governmental organisations

  • boosted careers, helping to generate employment and increase income through promotion

  • helped boost company sales aiding employment and investor profits

  • helped to increase taxation income supporting public services

  • provided a digital governance framework to support ethics, legal practices and risk mitigation

  • taught ethical practices in content and social media, supporting a more socially conscious humanity

In addition, with my passion for ethical business and the environment, the management and leader programs that I authored and co-authored have since 2008, identified, educated and encouraged delegates and subscribers to implement environmentally ethical and green practices in digital business, such as green hosting and paper reduction. This is a commitment I have demonstrated writing supporting articles both in the media and elsewhere online.

Digital Skills Authority and The Certificate in Online Business series of certifications therefore deliver a Three-pillared model for sustainability - Economic, Social and Environment, with global impact.


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